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Monday, July 6, 2009

Not Me Monday

I would never have a meltdown just because the prescriptions we had been waiting for over the 4th of July weekend got dropped off at the wrong pharmacy. Nope, not me, I tend to go with the flow. I also would never order pizza just so I didn’t have to make even the simpliest of decisions. Nope, not me. Also, I always strive for comfort when dressing, I would never wear a cute pair of capris only to realize they are not too cute sitting on the ground watching the fireworks. Or perhaps it was the equally cute belt that may or may not have been one notch too tight. Nope, not me. I always go for comfort. I also did not feed my 4 yr old cotton candy and marvel at his amazement of it. That stuff is pure junk. I also didn’t go stalk down a friend to help with the kids cause Mr. Wonderful really didn’t feel like going and dealing with the crowds. And of course I didn’t pout or act like a wounded bird, Nope, not me. I tend to be understanding to a fault. I also didn’t ask my oldest 27 times if she was sure she wanted to stay home too. Nope, not me, I can handle a ‘No’ without feeling rejected.
I also don't secretly wonder how much gas we waste with the a/c on and the window down in the van. And of course I would never switch it off even though I know my other half wants it on. And I wouldn't be silently screaming, 'do up the windoooow', no, not me, my communication is much better than that.
I also may or may not be glad when soccer season is over. I am the most reserved parent watching, even when my 7 yr old is all over the field playing very well or when my 4 yr old scores (in his own net). Nope, not loud cheering on the home team from me; just quietly smiling. I also didn’t completely forget to get Mr. 4 yr old out of the church nursery during Sunday school, nope not me, I always know where my children are. So if you really know me, you'll know the areas I need prayer in. Thanks. In God's Love, sheila

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