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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Do We 'Really' Need More Space?

I'm really not struggling with the thought of whether or not we should be adding more room onto our house, which is probably a good thing seeings how we have plunked down a whole lot of money for materials and quite a few people have given alot of their time and skills to help us accomplish this.  Which is actually really beginning to look like an addition.

I knew, even before finances were in place and plans for the addition were made, that the back of the house would be filled in, someday, somehow.  I clearly remember being outside, walking around the yard praying and thanking God for all He had done.  I mean, we now owned a house...that was huge. 

Let me go back a bit, when we first started praying about a house and talking serious about it, we very clearly knew what we could and wanted to spend, or more accurately what type of monthly payments we could manage.  So, as it goes, you talk with a realtor and they say you can be approved for almost double what your willing to spend.  Thankfully, though, we had thought about this first and knew what number we were willing to live with.  And so, this limited our search greatly, lol. 

I don't think our realtor understood that while we were eager to find a home, we were not eager to be stressed with a mortgage payment.  I think he might have been scary us or at the best letting us know, what we were looking for, was not going to be found.  He showed us houses that had been sitting for two or more years, ones that the foundations were uneven or had had water damage or my favorite was the house that had a notice on the door 'Buyer accepts all risk'. 

We continued to pray and trust God would show us where we were to be and He did not let us down.  We found a small house, close to our church, in the school district we wanted with a big, really big yard and in our price range.  We have now lived in our little house for five years.  Our two boys have been born here and we have outgrown our little house.  The children are getting bigger and need some quiet time, some time to be by themselves, some time not to be apart of the chaos and confusion that ends up right in our living room.

So yesterday we were all in the house, all except for Serena.  I called for her outside and then went out to find her having her own quiet time, private time, boys cannot find me time.

Do you know the girl had with her bug spray, her purse, her book she was reading and a watch hanging on one of the branches.  She had actually decorated.  I don't know, to be honest and don't fault me on this, exactly how long she had been out there, up there.  But she sure did look comfortable and peaceful. 

So, if you come to my door and the kids are running a muck and no one looks like their in charge, you might just want to check out the tree in our side yard, I may or may not be swinging from a branch.

In God's Love, sheila