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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Refresh 2010

Countdown is on.....can't wait.  Hoping Sondra has the baby before or after...just please, not during.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

My Baby

March 2010 (apparently I never posted this)

I went shopping Friday night after work.  I was so excited.  It's been a long, long time since I have been shopping and I got to go baby shopping.  My neice is having a baby girl and I love, love, love looking at itty, bitty pink baby clothes.  Oh, my it was fun.  (and oh my she is beautiful, Baby Bear is what we call her).

And Daddy was on duty. 

The kids love being home with him and always look forward to hanging out and things I think tend to be a little more laxed than when Mommy is home. 

I called home to say HI and thank you for giving me the evening to myself (and now (JULY) I think this may have been the last time) and there was some tension in Pat's voice.  So, I quickly decide how much information I want, if it's too much, I may have to come home early.  I ask what's up and he mentions MY BABY broke the toilet.  Not that he is using it yet, but somehow thought 'his guys', Luke Skywalker and Jedi, etc., wanted to go swimming and now they were somewhere between here and there.  Yikes, I sound very symphatic, but would it help for me to come home early, nay.  So, I wish him well and continue shopping.  Toilet is all better, and Owen continues to tell me 'I'm sorry I broke your toilet Mommy.'  Very sweet and loving.  I believe him.

Saturday Pat gets the toilet fixed and all is forgotten.

Fast-forward to Monday (two days later) I come home from work and walk into the bedroom to find my floor litered with peanuts, OWEN.....Then I hear Pat ask Owen if he told Mommy about the hot chocolate.  Apparently, Pat turned his back on Owen for just a few minutes and Owen decided to get two packages of hot chocolate out.  Now I was wise enough not to ask if he made a mess or ate any of it.  I didn't seen any reason to go there, what difference would it make.

What's gotten into my baby.  He does remind me that he's not a baby, but a Big Boy. (now, he is back to saying 'Momma, I am your baby', Yep, Owen you are my baby and why rush things)

 and then he looks at me like this:

What's a Mommy to do?