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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Did you ever see this episode of I Love Lucy...

Not too sure which one is Lucy and which is Ethel:

What can you control?

I decided it was time for a kitchen makeover.  First, I had a wall in my kitchen with a growth.  Well not really a growth, but something was going on, the drywall was protruding out and I just knew that if we touched it, it would crumble.  So we never did, we just ignored it and hoped everyone else did too.  I certainly never wanted to invest money in the kitchen with a wall like that, where would the logic be in that. But finally I did get the wall fixed and could not wait to paint it.  This project had so many similarities to my life that I think it may take me quite a while to process it all.

When things in my life seem to be out of control or I could better say not in my control anymore, (ha, like they ever where anyways) I always get a desire to make changes, whether it is to my hair, my curtains (I don't know where that comes from), and this time it was my kitchen.   

I enlisted the help of my sister.  How much fun we had.  Wow!  We laughed and there were some tears, there are always tears when we get together, but there was more laughter this time.  Sometimes we just crack each other up. 

Sondra reminded me the last time we painted together, it was 10 years ago and she was helping me put the nursery together in preparation for our first baby.  We were both about 7.5 mths pregnant and couldn't wait to start decorating.  It turned out very nice.  It seems so long ago now.

So here we were at 9:00 at night, the kids at a friends house, all the material set out before us, and we begin.  Yeah, there's more prep work than we imagined, I have a very small kitchen so we thought that would go fairly fast. Not!! 

We also had more accessories on hand than was really needed and we didn't really know what to use them for.  And before we could even start, we realized we had nothing to open the paint can with.  Really, can you even stand it. 

And of course we put the two cabinets together with the drawers facing each other, because really why would we need to get into cupboards. Unless it's to get a butter knife to open the paint can that is sitting on the top of the cabinet. So my ingenious sister pulls out a pen to open it but that stubborn lid just wouldn't budge, go figure, next tool of choice was a spoon and we got started.  Then we realized there were things in the cabinet that we really did need, so she carefully moved the cabinet to the side slightly and got what she needed.  She even tried her luck a few more times and as she went to go in it THE LAST TIME she forgot the bucket of paint sat there and the plastic started to slid as gravity started it's decent, I hollared and dashed and did manage to grab it before it fell.  Oh that could have been disasterous.  

I can't tell you how many times I almost stepped on the lid of paint with my slippers on and at one point Sondra looked at me and said, 'oops I think my bra just came undone.'  (probably too much information but hey, it wasn't my bra.)  LOL.  This is the way the entire night went.

Then she was so proud to teach me her trick she learned, I'll tell you her secret, put holes in the rim of the paint can so the paint drips down, I bet your wondering how you've managed so long with out that bit of information.  She's so smart.  Of course she dropped the nail in and tried to grab it before it sunk, not so lucky.

So what do you think, are you up for some color? 

Don't look too closely, remember I said there were similarties to life in this painting project.  There are many imperfections and even some spots that show through, some places that still need some sanding, but you know what, I love it.  I wonder if that is how God sees us?

In God's Love, sheila

Here's the before:

Yup, that clock says 3:07 am, time for some tea and cocoa

Here's the after: 

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Owen and the T-Shirt

Sometimes I enjoy wondering what makes children act, react the way they do. Is it their circumstances at that moment, is it their birth order, is it innate in them, or is it just simply they’re kids and not really running on a full-tank quite yet (thanks Pastor Joe for filling me in on this)…

So Let's look at Case 1

We had some friends who went to Myrtle Beach on a much needed vacation and brought each of the children back a tee-shirt. Each liked their shirts and acted appropriately upon receiving them (manners and everything).  Well, at least that is the way I am remembering it.  Owen even wanted it put on right then, very cute.

Equally as cute was that evening when he just couldn’t part with this shirt and had to wear it under his pajamas. Oh, that is special. However, when I got home from work the next evening I noticed he was now wearing the shirt over his other shirt. Well, that is strange but I’ve Got A lot Going On, and that really isn’t a battle I’m ready to engage in.

Fast-forward three weeks later, and this is what I get for not picking my battle wisely (who knew?)

Owen and The Shirt (click to watch video)

Yeah, that’s not a pretty side of Owen at all. 
We like to keep that hidden.  SURPRISE
And it didn’t end there, after about five minutes he went back to the laundry room to get his shirt, I thought we were going to be in for another battle, but he quickly (thankfully) went on to something else. Of course, it was late and he was tired, but really he's lucky I was too busy filming for corrective measures to be taken.

So the next morning what do you think he must of be dreaming about.  Yep, the much coveted shirt. 

Sorry, Sharon, but I truly may have to hide this shirt for awhile.

Owen and The Next Morning

So again, I wonder why he clings to this shirt so much. Of course Grandma Sharon would say it’s because she gave it to him : ) or is it because the other kids call it his ‘Rock Star’ shirt. Just for the record he has never seen MTV or VH1 (is there still a VH1?) so I’m not sure where he gets this whole rolling around on the ground rock star persona from.

Finally, he gets it and all is well.    Owen and The Shirt, Part 3

Now, this is a pretty side of Owen. I just love this baby, dirty shirt and all.

In God’s Love, sheila

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

I've Got A Lot Going On...

I seem to use this excuse line frequently.

I use it when I’m running late, when I’m not sure who my children are sitting with at church (because I’ve just noticed, they're not next to me); when I realize I still haven’t helped Tommy with his Thankful Feather for Pre-K, when I don’t know if my tire is flat because it takes time to walk to the other side of my van and look, when there are four little faces looking at me wondering what’s for dinner and I’m looking back at them wondering the same thing, when my older children are helping with potty training their younger brother, when the little one doesn’t have shoes on and I know, when my checkbook hasn’t been balanced in 3 mths a while and the oil changed in my van even longer or when I haven’t sat down and visited with a friend just because, read a book just to read, or have been to a store that didn’t require getting home right away because something might thaw, or have had the conversation with my daughter about NOT joining basketball with her friends (don’t break the news to her, I’ll do it today, well not today we have a reception at the school, tomorrow, I’ll do it tomorrow, oh yeah, I am finally getting together with some friends for a MUCH, MUCH needed bible study while the kids are at church, Wednesday, Wednesday is the day!! Now I hope that permission slip didn’t need to be in before, Abby’s very conscientious about timely things. Go Figure.)

I’ve Got A Lot Going On…..

We have some wonderful friends who have been helping doing our addition for us. I take the time to pray for each of you and are so thankful.

On Friday night I decided I needed to connect with the children.  I have been doing family movie night on Friday's lately, mostly because it's easy and I'm tired after a long week.  While we get to snuggle and laugh and eat popcorn, there really isn't a whole lot of connection going on.  So in the middle of the movie I gathered all the children and we went outside (in our pajamas) with some blankets and we laid down in my new bedroom (there was no roof on it) and looked up at the stars, they were amazing. Tommy was so excited to find the Big Dipper. We snuggled outside under the stars in our house, lol, we talked and laughed and then the boys got too crazy and Abby was missing her movie, but for the moment we slowed down and it was good.

So I think for now I'll have to focus on the quality of our time together not the quantity; but make no mistake I do realize that a half hour a week of quality time in no way makes up for putting in quantity time as a mom.  It just doesn't and it shouldn't, God gave me the responsiblity of these four children and I love it.

Well the stars didn't show up so well, but trust me when I say the were beautiful...

In God's Love, sheila

Monday, November 9, 2009

Beauty From Ashes

This weekend turned out very nice.  My mom has been working very hard at planting a flower garden at the old house in honor of the boys.

First, let me be honest and say, I did not in any way help in the planning or in the enthusiasm.  I just didn't.  Still a few things I am working through and going there does not bring back happy memories at all for me.

But, I went.  And I am glad.

The night before I sat at my table alone, wondering how to do my part in honoring the boys while not, in anyway, stepping on anyone's toes, either with my attitude or my SELF.  Did I mention my new CD by Steven Curtis Chapman, Beauty Will Rise came in the mail that very day. 

Let me say that I have listened to this CD no less then two dozen times.  It is wonderful, heartfelt, and more honest than I have ever been.  I laid in bed and cried as I read every inch of the sleeve (something I've only ever done, maybe twice, I mean seriously does anyone read them?).  The one song 'God, is it True?' lyrics were recorded in a hotel in Rochester, NY, June 6, 2009. SCC says this is probably more information than anyone really wanted to know, but here it is. Guess what, y'all, this was the same day my mom, myself and friends were at the Women of Faith conference in Rochester, NY where SCC was playing on Friday night.  I just thought it was cool how so involved God is, in everything.  Doesn't that just give you goosebumps.  It also didn't go un-noticed that the CD was released on November 3.

So as I sat there listening to the CD I decided to paint a sign from the very words I heard from SCC shortly after
his daughter went home to be with Jesus.

'We will be with them far longer than they were with us'  Is. 61:3

This is the sign Abby & Serena  made for them

            Aren't they talented

That is Tommy's painting to the left of Daydon's cross, he so misses him.
I even got into the work and it was good

Truly this is not what we would at all want, but someday, I KNOW, I will understand and even be thankful.
There are so many more times over the last year that God has shown me Light and I'll share that sometime soon.
In God's Love, Aunt Sheila

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Walk the Walk

I say, 'I trust' 

I say, 'in His will'

I say, 'He knows best'

Then why is it that I can fall right back into the same pattern of handling things the way I think they should be handled.  Why is it that I feel the need to jump in and save the day. 

Honestly, I would have to say it's because there is too much of mySELF left in me.  Too much of me who thinks I have the answers or I can see the way things need to be done. 

God has clearly asked me to let go, completely, and He will work things out.  It may not even be the way I want them to work out.  But, God has a plan and His plan is not to harm me or hurt me.  Although I am hurting now.  I'm reminded that Jesus hurt on the cross at Calvary, but He was still there for each of us. 

He's asking me if I really trust Him in this situation, all the way through?  Do I, I'm scared.  But, I am asking God for the strength and wisdom to to keep myself right where God needs me to be and He will do the rest.  I need to be obedient and take mySELF out of the picture. 

Thank you for all your prayers for yesterday, they were definitely heard as I had a peace about me yesterday amidst the sadness.  God is good. 

In God's Love, sheila