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Friday, July 10, 2009

July 11, 1981

Where were you on July 11, 1981?

When news came out that my mom was expecting a baby, I was less than thrilled. I was 10. Not looking forward to all the changes I envisioned needed to be made for the little bundles arrival. Yes, selfishness comes to mind now. I never gave it a thought about a girl or boy, I mean a baby is a baby, it didn’t much matter to me.

But then she came. July 11, 1981. My baby SISTER. OK, I suppose if she had to be one or the other, a girl was a good choice. I already had a brother. Sure she was cute and cuddly. But she was also a lot of work. And then it turns out, she likes me. Well, let’s put it into perspective, she worships me. Everywhere I went, she would cry to come, when I would wake up in the morning, there I would find her, cuddled up right next to me. They say imitation is the greatest form of flattery, so they say.

Truth be told, we grew and loved each other as a little sisters and big sisters do. I certainly was not always a good example for her. But she looked beyond my faults.

There were times when I overstepped my ‘sisterly’ advice and times when she played the ‘little’ sister card. Our relationship has been on so many levels, it’s funny to look back now and think of the funny things I could get her to do. She did them, not because she really wanted to, but because she wanted to make her big sister smile and laugh. And there were many times she did that. There have been many times I have been very proud to be her sister. Our roles changed as we became parents. We took a more girlfriend (equals) role, although I would never fully relinquish my role of Big Sister. We shared all. There is no one else I would rather share the experiences of motherhood with. We have been with each other for ever life-changing event that has come our way.

And now we in different roles again. I enjoyed the previous role, very much. I’m not sure what role we are at this point. It’s fuzzy and gray. I wish I could make her smile and laugh. I know that she has to find her own way through this and I know God sees her right where she is at. He is a patient, loving God.

I can’t make things better for her, I can’t change what has happened, but I can pray for her.

And so as Saturday will be extremely difficult for her, I am asking for prayers for her. Please pray for protection, and peace. Pray she will sense God is near and her boys are well, very well.
Happy Birthday Sondra, I love you with all my heart. sheila

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