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Thursday, September 9, 2010

The First Day of School

First day of school…I had such great plans for this day…been planning for a week now. Special breakfast, healthy afterschool snack and stuffed shells for dinner, because that’s the kind of mom I am.

I was so excited for the kids and they were too. They really do enjoy school. So their backpacks are ready, clothes set out, including shoes. None of them seemed nervous. Not even Tommy, even though it was going to be his first day in Kindergarten, and Abby was going into Fifth Grade, that’s practically full-time middle school.

I was very blessed to be able to take the day of this year. I was excited. Got up extra early, spent some time in prayer for each one, made some hot biscuits with jelly on top, (ok, actually the biscuits were from the night before, but I did put them in the oven with jelly on top.) I just wanted things to be so perfect.

As fate would have it, in what was almost an attempt to mess with my perfect day, I left my memory chip at work. But I found my spare chip at home. That was a close one.

Oh yeah, I will have to admit, I was feeling rather proud of myself and all that I had accomplished… and would accomplish as the day progressed.

A simple foreshadowing: When pride comes, then comes disgrace, but with humility comes wisdom. Proverbs 11:2. 

Got the first day of schools photos:

There were smiles and hugs and well wishes given. Wow ~ we all made it through. What a great feeling. Now unto some errands I had planned and there would even be time for Owen & Mommy to have lunch together.

So having been to Wal-Mart and grocery shopping, I began to run a little behind, no Panera’s for us…it would have to be McDonalds – to go – but I would at least get him a Happy Meal..that’s a special treat.  As we stand at the counter, I let Owen in on the secret and he is just tickled looking over the toy he may get. It’s now about 20 after 11 and I'm thinking of the kids…and lunch….and the kids….HOLY CRAP, (sorry, sometimes it’s just warranted), my hand flies to my mouth and I stand there realizing….I did not send Tommy to school with any lunch or any lunch money.

What the heck….trying not to panic or cry at the McDonald’s counter…I think of all my options, I don’t even know what time his lunch is. So I quickly get out of line and call the school. The girls have given me horror stories about kids who do not bring money for lunch. ‘The school has to feed them, so they get a cheese sandwich with ‘probably’ the crust of the bread and whole milk.’ Oh, no, not on his first day…the teacher has probably already gone over the cafeteria procedure and what is Tommy thinking.

The office says he can charge for today and bring in the money tomorrow. I didn’t even ask anything more, the trauma was getting to be too much. Oh, how I had fallen.  I hand Owen his Happy Meal and grab my coffee and home to take care of the groceries. Still a little shaken up over this whole lunch situation.

How could I of let this happen…and then I began to think, I don’t remember anyone mentioning what they were doing for their child’s lunch. It had not been the topic of conversation on Facebook or in any chit chat I had heard. Not even any commercials, well I don’t watch them so maybe that doesn’t count. Surely, if there had been, I would have given it a thought or two. I begin to slightly remember thinking about it for the girls. I knew they had money on their account from last year, I know this because it was the last week of school that I had to send in money. But Tommy never crossed my mind.

So as I begin to shift the blame from me to you, I realize that I’m just doing the best I can. I am not Wonder Women..haha…I am not Perfect Mom….hopefully I will feed my children everyday or at least make provisions for them. But, if I do not, they will not be scarred or have lasting baggage that they will carry for the rest of their lives.  I've been humbled, now let the wisdom set in.


And as Tommy got off the bus full of smiles and hugs, we walk up the driveway and I ask him about his day, his head drops down and he says ‘I had pizza for lunch, you didn’t send any money and now I owe the lady.’ Oh that kid knows how to get to me, lol.

I hope everyone's first day went as well as mine. 

In God's Love, sheila