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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Did you ever see this episode of I Love Lucy...

Not too sure which one is Lucy and which is Ethel:

What can you control?

I decided it was time for a kitchen makeover.  First, I had a wall in my kitchen with a growth.  Well not really a growth, but something was going on, the drywall was protruding out and I just knew that if we touched it, it would crumble.  So we never did, we just ignored it and hoped everyone else did too.  I certainly never wanted to invest money in the kitchen with a wall like that, where would the logic be in that. But finally I did get the wall fixed and could not wait to paint it.  This project had so many similarities to my life that I think it may take me quite a while to process it all.

When things in my life seem to be out of control or I could better say not in my control anymore, (ha, like they ever where anyways) I always get a desire to make changes, whether it is to my hair, my curtains (I don't know where that comes from), and this time it was my kitchen.   

I enlisted the help of my sister.  How much fun we had.  Wow!  We laughed and there were some tears, there are always tears when we get together, but there was more laughter this time.  Sometimes we just crack each other up. 

Sondra reminded me the last time we painted together, it was 10 years ago and she was helping me put the nursery together in preparation for our first baby.  We were both about 7.5 mths pregnant and couldn't wait to start decorating.  It turned out very nice.  It seems so long ago now.

So here we were at 9:00 at night, the kids at a friends house, all the material set out before us, and we begin.  Yeah, there's more prep work than we imagined, I have a very small kitchen so we thought that would go fairly fast. Not!! 

We also had more accessories on hand than was really needed and we didn't really know what to use them for.  And before we could even start, we realized we had nothing to open the paint can with.  Really, can you even stand it. 

And of course we put the two cabinets together with the drawers facing each other, because really why would we need to get into cupboards. Unless it's to get a butter knife to open the paint can that is sitting on the top of the cabinet. So my ingenious sister pulls out a pen to open it but that stubborn lid just wouldn't budge, go figure, next tool of choice was a spoon and we got started.  Then we realized there were things in the cabinet that we really did need, so she carefully moved the cabinet to the side slightly and got what she needed.  She even tried her luck a few more times and as she went to go in it THE LAST TIME she forgot the bucket of paint sat there and the plastic started to slid as gravity started it's decent, I hollared and dashed and did manage to grab it before it fell.  Oh that could have been disasterous.  

I can't tell you how many times I almost stepped on the lid of paint with my slippers on and at one point Sondra looked at me and said, 'oops I think my bra just came undone.'  (probably too much information but hey, it wasn't my bra.)  LOL.  This is the way the entire night went.

Then she was so proud to teach me her trick she learned, I'll tell you her secret, put holes in the rim of the paint can so the paint drips down, I bet your wondering how you've managed so long with out that bit of information.  She's so smart.  Of course she dropped the nail in and tried to grab it before it sunk, not so lucky.

So what do you think, are you up for some color? 

Don't look too closely, remember I said there were similarties to life in this painting project.  There are many imperfections and even some spots that show through, some places that still need some sanding, but you know what, I love it.  I wonder if that is how God sees us?

In God's Love, sheila

Here's the before:

Yup, that clock says 3:07 am, time for some tea and cocoa

Here's the after: 

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