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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Santa Clause

So I'm having some quiet talk and snuggle time with my four year old Tommy and he asked me something about Santa Clause.  Before I knew what was happening, Tommy was asking me 'what if Santa is a theif?' 

First off, how does he know this word and second have I done lasting damage to my child?  Where did this come from?  Am I freaking out for no reason?

Let's retrace my Santa Theory a bit to get a better handle on things:

Abby, first-born, very realistic.  At 3/4 looked straight at me and said 'is Santa real'?  So I said, 'Well, what do you think?  She really thought about it a minute scrunched up her little nose and grinned saying 'Momma, reindeers can't fly and I don't think someone can deliver toys to every child in one night.'  So I re-afirmed what she already knew, but let her know that it is fun to pretend, right?

Serena was a little harder.  She is the shy one.  She is also somewhat a perfectionist and HATES to be wrong.  Oh my word, to be wrong about something as huge as Santa Clause would be life-changing.  So, while she would never really admit whether or not she believed, keeping her perfect record of 100% accuracy, I think she really did.

And then once the girls saw the Tim Allen movie, Santa Clause, that was all she needed to answer any of Abby's doubts, no fireplace, no problem; no snow, not a worry; only one night, piece of cake.

Don't even get me started on the ones who have tried to tell my children that 'to the one who doesn't believe, is the one who doesn't get anything'.  Yeah, I better not go there, let it go, let it go......lol.

So, what does everyone else who is sane and rational do about the Santa Clause thing?

He looks normal though doesn't he, he doesn't looked damaged or fragile?

Motherhood is NOT as easy as some people led me to believe.

In God's love, sheila

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