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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Owen and the T-Shirt

Sometimes I enjoy wondering what makes children act, react the way they do. Is it their circumstances at that moment, is it their birth order, is it innate in them, or is it just simply they’re kids and not really running on a full-tank quite yet (thanks Pastor Joe for filling me in on this)…

So Let's look at Case 1

We had some friends who went to Myrtle Beach on a much needed vacation and brought each of the children back a tee-shirt. Each liked their shirts and acted appropriately upon receiving them (manners and everything).  Well, at least that is the way I am remembering it.  Owen even wanted it put on right then, very cute.

Equally as cute was that evening when he just couldn’t part with this shirt and had to wear it under his pajamas. Oh, that is special. However, when I got home from work the next evening I noticed he was now wearing the shirt over his other shirt. Well, that is strange but I’ve Got A lot Going On, and that really isn’t a battle I’m ready to engage in.

Fast-forward three weeks later, and this is what I get for not picking my battle wisely (who knew?)

Owen and The Shirt (click to watch video)

Yeah, that’s not a pretty side of Owen at all. 
We like to keep that hidden.  SURPRISE
And it didn’t end there, after about five minutes he went back to the laundry room to get his shirt, I thought we were going to be in for another battle, but he quickly (thankfully) went on to something else. Of course, it was late and he was tired, but really he's lucky I was too busy filming for corrective measures to be taken.

So the next morning what do you think he must of be dreaming about.  Yep, the much coveted shirt. 

Sorry, Sharon, but I truly may have to hide this shirt for awhile.

Owen and The Next Morning

So again, I wonder why he clings to this shirt so much. Of course Grandma Sharon would say it’s because she gave it to him : ) or is it because the other kids call it his ‘Rock Star’ shirt. Just for the record he has never seen MTV or VH1 (is there still a VH1?) so I’m not sure where he gets this whole rolling around on the ground rock star persona from.

Finally, he gets it and all is well.    Owen and The Shirt, Part 3

Now, this is a pretty side of Owen. I just love this baby, dirty shirt and all.

In God’s Love, sheila

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