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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

I've Got A Lot Going On...

I seem to use this excuse line frequently.

I use it when I’m running late, when I’m not sure who my children are sitting with at church (because I’ve just noticed, they're not next to me); when I realize I still haven’t helped Tommy with his Thankful Feather for Pre-K, when I don’t know if my tire is flat because it takes time to walk to the other side of my van and look, when there are four little faces looking at me wondering what’s for dinner and I’m looking back at them wondering the same thing, when my older children are helping with potty training their younger brother, when the little one doesn’t have shoes on and I know, when my checkbook hasn’t been balanced in 3 mths a while and the oil changed in my van even longer or when I haven’t sat down and visited with a friend just because, read a book just to read, or have been to a store that didn’t require getting home right away because something might thaw, or have had the conversation with my daughter about NOT joining basketball with her friends (don’t break the news to her, I’ll do it today, well not today we have a reception at the school, tomorrow, I’ll do it tomorrow, oh yeah, I am finally getting together with some friends for a MUCH, MUCH needed bible study while the kids are at church, Wednesday, Wednesday is the day!! Now I hope that permission slip didn’t need to be in before, Abby’s very conscientious about timely things. Go Figure.)

I’ve Got A Lot Going On…..

We have some wonderful friends who have been helping doing our addition for us. I take the time to pray for each of you and are so thankful.

On Friday night I decided I needed to connect with the children.  I have been doing family movie night on Friday's lately, mostly because it's easy and I'm tired after a long week.  While we get to snuggle and laugh and eat popcorn, there really isn't a whole lot of connection going on.  So in the middle of the movie I gathered all the children and we went outside (in our pajamas) with some blankets and we laid down in my new bedroom (there was no roof on it) and looked up at the stars, they were amazing. Tommy was so excited to find the Big Dipper. We snuggled outside under the stars in our house, lol, we talked and laughed and then the boys got too crazy and Abby was missing her movie, but for the moment we slowed down and it was good.

So I think for now I'll have to focus on the quality of our time together not the quantity; but make no mistake I do realize that a half hour a week of quality time in no way makes up for putting in quantity time as a mom.  It just doesn't and it shouldn't, God gave me the responsiblity of these four children and I love it.

Well the stars didn't show up so well, but trust me when I say the were beautiful...

In God's Love, sheila

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