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Monday, November 9, 2009

Beauty From Ashes

This weekend turned out very nice.  My mom has been working very hard at planting a flower garden at the old house in honor of the boys.

First, let me be honest and say, I did not in any way help in the planning or in the enthusiasm.  I just didn't.  Still a few things I am working through and going there does not bring back happy memories at all for me.

But, I went.  And I am glad.

The night before I sat at my table alone, wondering how to do my part in honoring the boys while not, in anyway, stepping on anyone's toes, either with my attitude or my SELF.  Did I mention my new CD by Steven Curtis Chapman, Beauty Will Rise came in the mail that very day. 

Let me say that I have listened to this CD no less then two dozen times.  It is wonderful, heartfelt, and more honest than I have ever been.  I laid in bed and cried as I read every inch of the sleeve (something I've only ever done, maybe twice, I mean seriously does anyone read them?).  The one song 'God, is it True?' lyrics were recorded in a hotel in Rochester, NY, June 6, 2009. SCC says this is probably more information than anyone really wanted to know, but here it is. Guess what, y'all, this was the same day my mom, myself and friends were at the Women of Faith conference in Rochester, NY where SCC was playing on Friday night.  I just thought it was cool how so involved God is, in everything.  Doesn't that just give you goosebumps.  It also didn't go un-noticed that the CD was released on November 3.

So as I sat there listening to the CD I decided to paint a sign from the very words I heard from SCC shortly after
his daughter went home to be with Jesus.

'We will be with them far longer than they were with us'  Is. 61:3

This is the sign Abby & Serena  made for them

            Aren't they talented

That is Tommy's painting to the left of Daydon's cross, he so misses him.
I even got into the work and it was good

Truly this is not what we would at all want, but someday, I KNOW, I will understand and even be thankful.
There are so many more times over the last year that God has shown me Light and I'll share that sometime soon.
In God's Love, Aunt Sheila


  1. The garden looks beautiful. Please tell Abby, Serena, Thomas and Owen they did a very nice job of making it a special place.
    I read this on the day they lay Chelsea to rest. So much sadness sometimes... what would we do without the Lord to comfort and strengthen us? Love to you all- jan

  2. Hello sweet new friend! It gives me goosebumps that I just stumbled upon your blog, and that I LIVE in Rochester, NY!

    Hugs to you! I want that CD!



  3. Isn't our God good. Were you able to attend the WOF conference this past year? It truly was good. In God's Love, sheila