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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

What makes you smile, really smile, maybe even giggle out loud?

Even when life is hard and things seem not so right, there is usually something to smile at, something to make you think, it's not that bad.

Here's a few of mine from the last couple days, enjoy.

Tommy had a cut on top of his head so I asked him what happened. He put his hand up there and felt and looked at me and said ‘Mom, I’m not a super hero, I can’t see on top of my head, see (he then goes to demonstrate the fact that his head moves everytime he tries to look). 'I just can’t know everything that happens to me', he said with quite the exasperation in his voice.

I wonder if he thinks I really do have eyes in the back of my head, or that mommy's do know everything

Owen was snuggling on my lap this morning with his warmness still on him from just having woke up. As if that isn’t good enough; we then have the following conversation:

Me: Owen, are you happy?

Owen: Yes(th)

Me: What makes you happy?

Owen: ummm, Grandma

Me: awww, Grandma makes you happy?

Owen: no, YOU make me happy, as he is throwing his arms around my neck and giving a big, squishy hug

Now, don't tell Grandma she just got ousted, but it sure did make me smile

Mommy Brag:

Serena brought home a paper from school and she will be taking a pre-test before each Math unit in school and she does well enough, she will be excused from the classroom to go to an accelerated math class. WOW… she did not get that from my side of the family. Yeah, I know it’s only 2nd grade math, but still WOW!!!

Abby: She is the typical first-born. Over-achiever, and leader. I am very proud of her and she is also very compassionate. I love that about her.

Watching the boys up on Daddy’s lap while he is reading them a book…

So, what makes you smile even when all is not right?
In God's Love, sheila


  1. WHat makes me smile? Lijah when he grins at me for no apparent reason. (also can make me cry, but joyfully)

  2. Sheila, no matter how old they get they will always have to ability to make you smile! Trust me ... Aaron & Jade's humor & sarcasism never cease to amaze me. (Wonder where that comes from?!) Love ya! Alicia