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Monday, September 14, 2009

First Day Of School

The first official week of school is over. When I got my new job, I realized I wouldn’t be home to get them on the bus or off, not the first day, not ever. Lots of moms & dads have to work and can’t be a part of this, it’s life. Also, without the boys here and everyone excited together, there was some sadness hanging around. So, maybe it was better I can’t be home, I thought. I can rationalize almost anything.

I was able to make sure the girls had everything and were ready, took some pictures and prayed with them and kissed them goodbye. The boys were still sleeping and Tommy doesn’t go until the afternoon. I thought that was going to make it easier on my ‘Mommy Guilt’ to not have to see him with his backpack and eagerness written all over his face.

Serena was so cute with her sparkly shirt and pink sparkly sneakers to match, only you can't see them in this picture.
Abby looks so old, but it's only the picture, she's still only 9.
All the kids will be riding home on the same bus and I had asked the girls to make sure they smiled at Tommy and said 'Hi' to him. Please, at least acknowledge you know him. It’s a big bus and intimidating for a four year old. I think because of Tommy’s personality the girls don’t see him as being nervous or afraid because they looked at me like I was crazy and said he would be fine. Just do it, be nice to your brother, I asked.
I was doing pretty good, but then I have a long ride to work and guess what I saw? Moms & Dads outside with their children, grandparents, a few even had Aunts or neighbors wishing them well and snapping pictures. I do hope they enjoyed the moment. It’s a very special one. And then I cried a few tears.
I got a chance to call Tommy before he went off for his first day, he was so excited and I was very happy for him. The pictures Pat took doesn’t show a nervous little boy but one confident and ready. When I got home and had a chance to ask everyone about their day, all seemed well. Then Tommy told me that Abby said Hi to him and Serena sat next to him on the way home. They do love each other.
Let's remember I was not home, so I didn't even question what this picture was about.
Yeah, he loved it.
In God's Love, sheila

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