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Monday, August 3, 2009

Let's just keep things light for today

I've started 3 different post this week and they all seemed to have an underlying 'heaviness'.

So, I've started over again. But, let me give a praise, I found my a copy of my original resume, just in time for an upcoming interview, which went well. Hallejuiah, that's a tough word to spell, I'll have to stump Serena on it. That girl is good at spelling..

So I'll leave you with some really funny photos of Refresh '09 and whatever else I want to. Enjoy...

Ice cream - Day 1

I'm sure our neighbors were loving us..

What a stinker

The day after we got back we had our nephew's graduation party. What a great time we had and the kids loved being with their cousins.

A very sorry attempt at a pyramid.

the flower bed here was gorgeous

Then, of course, the older boys played hard
(notice Tommy standing back taking it all in)

So Dad had to join in too...

COUSINS....which one is which....

I could of sat here with a good book and just watched all the fun,

does that show my age....

In God's Love, sheila

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