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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Last Day....

Awww, they came to wish me well....

Well it's officially my last day here and I am somewhat excited about the new chapter in my life. I only wish we were not down to one vehicle, UGH. I should of taken advantage of the cash for clunkers when we had the chance, not that I wanted a car payment though, which is why we didn't. But now the car has 'clunked', I wonder if we made the wisest choice.

I was actually quite surprised that I only had a small box to take with me. After 14 years I thought Pat was going to have to come up and carry my stuff home. That's a little sad. But then I'm learning to travel light. There is no reason to hang onto all that 'stuff'. I threw out that old bottle of cloraspectic throat spray and I can't tell you how many plastic spoons I had in that drawer. Sure I could of used them, but probably wouldn't. I think I could use a little bit of this theory at home to clean out some of the clutter.

Well, I'm off, it's been great, wish me well.

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