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Monday, August 17, 2009

I Am Blessed....

God is moving me out of my comfort zone and security this past year and many things have come only by faith. God continues to amaze me and strengthen me, daily. Where would I be without him? Where would I be if left on my own, where would my children be? You know what, it doesn't matter, because I'm not left on my own, I'm not without direction and my children do come with a manual, it's called the Bible. Thank you Lord.

How have I been able to support our family, GOD, seriously, he has stretched my $ in more ways than I can count. And it's not only financially.

I have been blessed to be employed at Fredwal Inc. for 14 yrs. I spoke with our contracts man the other day and as I told him we were ending and I even had a new job, he wished me well. He then also started to laugh and said 'oh boy, watch out for the ladies'. For the past 14 yrs I have worked with engineers, men engineers. These men were also retired engineers, meaning they were from the era of respect for women, hard-work, and just plain common courtsey. God has sheltered me, I realized. Then fear began to creep in....what if they are catty and gossipy. What if I don't fit in, oh, the flashbacks of high school.

But, guess what, that doesn't matter to me. I prayed for direction about this job or any job for that matter and even turned a couple down, until this one came along. For some reason, this is where I am to be, for a season. If I am able to shine a light for Jesus in a college setting, great, if God is trying to teach me another lesson, great.

I'll follow, he leads, and it is not up to me to make sure it turns out how I think it should. Learning this little nuget of information has been priceless. What a load off my shouldars. I am not responsible for God. I am responsible TO him not for him. I don't have to make excuses of why something did happen or didn't. I don't have to know the beginning from the end. I'm only me and that is good enough for God, so how could it not be good enough for me.
In God's Love, sheila
and in case you were missing the

I'll just say for the record, that I did not leave a tooth in the kitchen drawer during Family Camp in Houghton. I mean, I know exactly what to do with a tooth when it falls out. The toothfairy comes and takes it and you get money. I mean, ideally that's what happens. What happens at your house?

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  1. Well sheila, @ our house, I try to convince Jr that the toothfairy couldn't get to his bed cuz there was clutter on the floor. I told him he needed to pick it and keep his room clean. But the smarty he is and you gotta love him, says" Mom, the tooth fairy has wings she can fly over the mess and put the money under my pillow." I had to walk away on that and go in the kitchen. I don't know where he gets it from. Love you guys, Aunt CB