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Thursday, August 20, 2009

What do Country Kids do for Fun?

I just had my last official Wednesday off. I really loved having a day off in the middle of the week to spend with the kids and run errands. And this being my last for a while, I really wanted it to be special. I thought of all kinds of great things to do: Water Park, Beach..... But I decided I wouldn't tackle any of those things on my own so I decided to take them out to lunch and a movie. This seemed do-able to me.

But first we had some outdoor fun. No electronics, no planning and we didn't even use Germ-X.

We discovered an adventure right in our own backyard, well really side yard.

But first we needed the proper tools. We needed a net and not our pool skimmer/net. So with an old mop stick and a surgical bootie, the kids were ready to begin their adventure. Yes, that is Owen's fishing pole in the first pic.

(Owen, Serena & Abby-the leader)

(Serena, Owen & Tommy-the exporer)

Even Anakin (our not-so-small dog) couldn't resist this discovery.

They are all so proud. Look at Owen grinning........

And here is what occupied my kids for more than an hour

Yep, those are dead minnows.

I was giggling to myself as I thought about tomorrow, or even later that night. Clearly we were not going to keep them and we were going to dump them in the drainage grate in the other yard. In which, I knew they would float out to the ditch at some point during the next 24 hrs. It would be like a whole new discovery.

They might even begin to think about how they are dying and getting in our ditch. That's when it hit me, and I looked over at my neighbor's driveway. Yep, he has a boat and was probably fishing and those dead minnows are probably from him dumping them in his ditch which they then floated down to ours, ewwww. Now, that just grosses me out.

At least eveyone cleans up nicely and in the afternoon we went out.

Wednesday at Tully's kids under 10 pay what they weigh. So I was able to feed all 5 of us for $10.10. Are you kidding me?? I should have known about that sooner. And they gave us $2.00 in tokens for the game room.

We then tried to go to the movies but nothing good for kids was playing so we rented Hotel For Dogs. And let me say this, Family Video, what is up with them having a room for NO ONE UNDER 18. Are you kidding me? That is another post. UGH.

We got 2 new rentals and Tommy got a free one, the lady says 'oh, there is a special you get to choose 2 free ones off the floor also.' If you know me, you know I will never be able to watch that many movies. UGH... not too mention the time it is going to take to have the children find something else they want. But, free is free, so we look and look and I can't even remember what they did choose, but they don't have to be back until Monday so maybe they will all get watched. And the cost $2.65. Seriously, I paid $2.65 for 5 movies.

Next time I'll tell you all about the movie I rented last week. Thought it was a love story happily ever after type movie, NOT. Revolutionary Road is the title and I was very mad after I watched it. So I gave it to me sister-in-law to see if my reactions were warranted or not. I'll let you know.

In God's Love, sheila & family

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  1. wow, you find good bargains...you should have a talk with katie :)

    I haven't seen Revolutionary Road, but I wanted to b/c the music in it is composed by my favorite movie-music composer. I always love his music.