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Friday, January 29, 2010

Abigail Grace

I would like to introduce you all (all five of you, lol) to Abigail Grace.  She is our oldest daughter, nine years old, and a great big sister to the other three.  She is in the 4th grade.  She asked Jesus to be her Savior when she was 6 1/2.  I'll have to share that story, it's a great one.  

Since then, and probably before God has been molding Abby's heart.  Her heart has always been turned towards the less fortunate.  So I was not really surprised when she asked me if she could put a post on my blog about Haiti; but what came out of her heart made this mother so very proud. 


People here in the USA are reading, watching, or really just listing to what is happing down in Haiti. We might be sending money, or watching loved ones leave to help, or some of us going down ourselves.

Nevertheless, others are just treating it like old news. They think that the earthquake has gone, that it is over with, and that everything is back to normal. However, it is not over with, though the earthquake has past the sorrow some Haitians are enduring are still with them and will be with them forever. You never can let go the sorrow of people you have lost.

Sometimes we wish upon a lucky star, and hope for things we want but do not really need. Some people in Haiti wish upon a star, but do you know what they wish for? They wish for a better tomorrow, a new beginning, or maybe for a fresh start. People down there are working their bums off.

We are not thinking that they still have a lot of work to do, if you want pitch in and help these people you can, make a check payable to “The Wesleyan Church’’, memo line “Wesleyan Emergency Relief Fund ”, mail check to Wesleyan Emergency Relief Fund 13300 Olio Road Fishers, IN 46037, or credit card donation by calling 1-800-707-7715 fund # WMO7-7715-description ‘’Haiti Relief’’, or World Hope International-check website online.

Please there are people dying down in Haiti because they do not have the medical they need. They need you and from the people in Haiti: Thank You for the support that you gave them over the last couple of weeks. We do want everything back to normal down there.

Do not just figure other people can do it and you do not even have to be apart of this. You can help too. Do not be afraid to do what you know is right. Help them now. We need you!

Abby Harris
That's it, that is what is on my nine year old's heart. 

There's much I can say about this, she uses words like 'we'.  She's already a part of them (Haitians).  She talks of the sorrow of losing the ones you love...  Oh Lord, where are you taking her? 

I've joked about her being a missionary when she was three.  Not kidding.  She had one of those little New Testament Bibles that have the Chinese writing in the front.  She would obsess over that part of the Bible and want to know about China. And it was so cool when Pastor Matt actually went to China and I relayed some of the stories to her. 

We use to have this spot in our yard that was raised up and it use to be used for compost, but not correctly.  So there were all kinds of junk that could be uncovered and discovered. She would make her sister play missionary with her, they use to pretend to build churches and help the children with their schooling and food.  It was so cute. 

But now I'm wondering and praying.  I want God to use her and her to be willing to be the one God has created her to be.  But Lord, please don't send my baby to China.

All joking aside,  Lord do with my family as you want, create in us an obedient heart to follow you where ever you lead.

In God's Love, sheila

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  1. I knew Abby was awesome... just further confirmation! That's great, a well-written message from a well-forming heart