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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Happy Birthday Serena Rene'

Wow, she's turning eight today.  I am so proud to be her mommy.  She is strong-willed, yes I am proud of that, even if it made me pull my hair out at times (just ask the ladies at my Momtime).  I can still see Pat trying to carry her to her room for a time-out when she was about 3 or 4 and her clinging to the door jam.  LOL. 

Here is a new-born picture of my Serena (who for the first hour of her life was named Julia LeeAnn, oh I am so embarrassed to have that on video tape, hehehe.)

Wasn't she a beatiful baby!

Serena has proven to be a great big sister, and probably an even better little sister.
She is smart and her competitiveness has surprised me.  I remember teaching Abby how to tie her shoe in Kindergarten and Serena would watch and try very hard.  Do you know that by the time she started Pre-K she could tie her shoes?

Same thing with riding a bike and math facts.  Pat was teaching Abby how to ride without training wheels and it was not going very well.  They both needed a breather and as soon as Abby got off that bike Serena got on and by herself learned to ride. 

She is also funny.  Not that she likes other's to know.  She is shy and does not like to stand out.  But around her family she can be silly and loud.  Yes, Serena can be loud.

And here she is just a few days ago.
We sure are glad her hair finally grew, and grew, and grew.

I love you Dolly, Happy Birthday

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