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Monday, December 14, 2009

'Not me' Monday

I certainly would never feed my now 5 yr old a peanut butter and strawberry ice cream topping as a complete sandwich. That just wouldn’t be healthy. Not one ounce of guilt here, that was until his little brother wanted just a jelly sandwich and I gave it to him. Oh, what a tangled web we weave…..

I also would never think to put my many sick children on the floor to sleep with a few towels under their faces, because the thought of stripping a bed in the middle of the night made me want to cry. Of course I really didn’t, but the thought may or may not have been there.

I certainly didn’t turn red when I asked someone in the weight room if the machine was broken, only to discover I was no where near using it properly. I may or may not go back there again. And I certainly wouldn’t of skipped any machine I did not know how to use, because I was too embarrassed to ask. I have more self-esteem than that.

I also didn’t try sending in beans and yams to my son’s school for the needy because no one will eat them in my house. Only to find that he refused to take them, claiming ‘no one wants them, they won’t eat ‘em, they won’t even like them’ and then I certainly wouldn’t of served them for dinner that night to the same son. Sometimes it’s just great being the Mom.

I also wouldn’t of been in such a hurry to leave the house without a diaper, And if I did and my little guy needed a diaper change at his big sister’s concert, I wouldn’t first see if the diaper was salvageable, then decide it wasn’t and let him go al natural. Which may or may not have worked out well until we then went to my Aunt’s funeral an hour later. In which I would have taken the time to stop at the house and get a diaper instead of rushing. But, let’s just say I did rush then I would have had it in mind to NOT allow him upteen cups of water from the water cooler because he was content and well-behaved. You know because that water machine is so darn addicting to a two year old. Of course, that was probably what it was on his pants, spilled water, I’m sure of it.

Like I said, sometimes it’s just great being a Mom. How was your week?

In God’s love, sheila

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  1. haha, I think this is the best 'not me monday' yet!

    I specifically don't resonate with the part about skipping past machines that I don't know how to use. Of course I would just ask rather than avoid it!