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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Addition, +, edition (which do you prefer)

If I can't do one-type of addition; I'll do another.

We were sitting at the table on Friday night eating dinner and continued to hear this 'MEOW' loudly and insistent.  There we found a little kitty stuck in our tree in the front yard.  Oh, the kids were just tickled.  Owen is loving his new kitty.  He even blamed the cat for a two-week old scratch on his leg.  I guess that means he is staying.  It's not the cutest, honestly, but the kids are enjoying him/her and we have named it Patches.
Every once in a while I can see how much Serena is like me (sometimes it makes me cringe and other times it makes me giggle).  She called me into her room twice last night (2:30 AM and 5:00 AM) to get this adorable kitty because she was trying to sleep and he was bothering her.  Should I show her the irony of the cat waking her up and her waking me up?  I have a feeling it will be lost on her or she'll just look at me and grin.
It's been quite a while since I've updated. And for good reasons: I'm busy. I mean really busy. I didn't really realize how busy I have been until a friend called and asked if the kids would like to go to a church function with her kids. She was willing to pick them up and drop them off, almost 2.5 hrs. I said YES so fast that I surprised myself. lol. That's tonight and I'm sure they will have a great time as I know I will.
In God's Love, sheila

ps: it's been two years today that my brother-in-law Darren went home to be with the Lord, I look at my children and my heart hurts for his.  Please say a prayer for them. We so much miss his sense of humor and cockiness, neither can be replaced.  See you in Glory, Darren.

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