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Monday, March 8, 2010

Life Of Moses

We had some fun times last night at KidZone. We had challenged our Youth to a Bible Trivia on the Life of Moses.

Some of my favorite quotes (from IMPACT, Youth Group):

 ‘I can’t believe I just got beat by a girl’

 ‘I’m just going to sit down, I have no idea’

 ‘Hey, that’s a trick question’

 Listing the 10 commandments, I asked if she wanted to start over, her reply, ‘No, that won’t even help.’

  'I was 1/2 right'

  ‘Is that even in the Bible?’

Our Youth were such great sports. KidZone had been learning about Moses for over six weeks and were prepared. I don’t think IMPACT knew just how prepared they were going to be but they handled it great.

It seems the win sparked some interest to go against the adults of our church. I’m still going with the kids, but I’m sure it will be much closer.

Here's a few pictures from the other night:


The fun is just beginning...

Mary scored the first point, they were on a roll

The very next round, it didn't last

They thought they knew....

At this point, they were really just trying to hit the bell first

KidZone 29 1/2
Impact 8 1/2

Studying Moses has been so rewarding and fasinating.  As the series was ending, I was feeling a little sad, the life of Moses is truly an amazing story of faith.  My favorite part is the last part, where God had Moses go to the top of Mount Nebo and look out at the land, the Promised Land.  What awe...I think of the birth of my first daughter; I knew it was going to be good (becoming a mother), but I had no idea how good it was truly going to be and I spent the entire first night awake in awe of just how perfect and awe-struck I was.  More than I even deserved. 

At this point, Moses was completely at peace with the fact that he was not going to enter, I am sure he spent hours laughing at the richness of the land, hours praising God and saying 'I had no idea it was going to be this great.' 

This week two wonderful, faithful members of our church went home to be with our Lord.  I would like to think, as they stood there, their reaction may be the same. 

In God's Love, sheila

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  1. I heard how good the kids were...I don't know if we'll get ANY points!