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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

What Difference Do It Make?

First let me recommend a book called 'Same Kind of Difference As Me'. 

Wow, a great book that had me doing alot of thinking.  Thinking about was I making a difference, am I doing the things I know the Lord is telling each of us to do.  I was underlining and highlighting for days. 

So then Pat brings me home from the library 'What Difference Do It Make'?  It's the follow-up.  Wasn't that thoughtful and insightful of him.  Very impressive.

I was very eager to begin reading and as I was reading through it, I was at times embarrassed, encouraged and hopeful.  It was good and I was enjoying it. 

Then, almost at the end, I read this:

'A troublesome thought formed at the edge of my mind:  was I so shallow, my do-gooding so superficial, that I could only set judging aside and help a person as long as his/her sinis didn't affect me?'

Well....there's something to think about.  CRAP (can I say that?)  UGHHH.....There's somthing poking me, prodding me, to NOT skip over that. 

Lord knows I want my heart to be right, I want to love others as he does...I want to be the women he created me to be...Lord help me, help me to see everyone through your eyes, help me to love everyone regardless of choices, decisions, and lifestyles.  Lord you know the struggle, help me to me more like you.

In God's Love, sheila

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